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Prepared... enough

My pack is sitting at a hefty 28 pounds, and I can't help but wonder if I need all this stuff. Geez, the pill bottles! Anti-malarials (which also happen to be a common acne medication- who knew?), anti-diarrheals, altititude sickness medication... I feel like a lab rat (or my mother)!

A water filtration device, homemade first-aid kit, inflatable neck pillow, Kindle, tracker device for the parentals, etcetera.

Visa documents, international phone plans, travel insurance, deedadeedadoo. I’ve done what I can do and now I hope all the preparation pays off (or doesn’t pay off, in the case of travel medical insurance).

With two pairs of shoes, two bars of soap and a whole lot of underwear, I'm ready to take off.

We’ve got a lovely ~14 hour day of traveling ahead of us tomorrow. Please leave any Kindle unlimited book suggestions…

Lots of love,

Lauren Kinsey Kuhlman

P. S. Shoutout to mis padres for a beautiful bon voyage dinner in Lakeland!


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